Proud host of the

 2017 SASS Utah State Black Powder Shootout

 The Castle Gate Smudge Match

May 20, 2017

Fargo Kid - Match Director

A full day of Cowboy Action Black Powder Shooting with Side Matches & 6 Main Match Stages

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Single Action Shooting Society event will be held in the premier Cowboy Action Shooting town of Castle Gate, North Springs Shooting Range, Price, UT

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Main Match Stages starting at 10:30 AM

Informal Black Powder Side Matches 8 to 10 AM

Main Match - 60 Pistol 60 Rifle 26 Shotgun,  Side match - 10 Pistol, 10 Rifle, 8+ Shotgun

Motel Rooms Blocked Through May 1st

Click Here for The SASS Utah State Black Powder Championship Final Scoress


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